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Flooring with wood requires a great amount of experience and skill. You can entrust Pattaya Handyman services to get your job done beautifully and perfectly the first time. Contact Pattaya Handyman services for your wood flooring requirements today.

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Windows & doors

Your windows and doors are one of the most noticeable features of your property, and so you will be sure to want to have the right ones installed. Pattaya Handyman can install, supply, repair or renovate any wood based frames, windows, doors or surroundings to your property. Request a quote here 

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Having the right quality and finish to your fittings at your property or business makes a big difference to the type of client you will attract and their retention as repeat clients. Pattaya Handyman services can ensure you have the very best local choices of product quality at the best prices. We supply, install, renovate or repair any wood based fit outs to  your business. 

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The Kitchen is the heart of your home or restaurant. To make sure that you get the best deal and quality of fittings, contact Pattaya Handyman. We consult, supply, install, renovate or repair all and any types of kitchens in homes, businesses, industrial or bars and restaurants. Send your Quote request here today 

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Your furniture gives the look and feel for a room or a business, so it is a vital component in the comfort, enjoyment and 'feel' to the place. Pattaya Handyman can create, supply, install, renovate or repair all and any types of wooden furniture to your specification or desire. Contact us here to find out more 

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